How to make a Lily flower



  • 1 A4 sheet of white paper (I used 80gsm paper/copy paper but it is possible to use any thickness you may prefer)
  • A small sheet in light green  for the centre strips (i used mint green)
  • A small piece of orange paper for the tips of the centre strips
  • A pencil
  • A pen for drawing dots on the petals (optional as a pencil can also be used)
  • scissors
  • A ruler (for drawing sectors that will in turn be made in petals)
  • Glue (I used white glue-if you are going to use light paper dry glue is the best choice)
  • A larger circular object (5 1/4 inches (about 13cm))
  • A smaller circular object (2 1/2 inches (about 6cm))
  • Toothpick/cocktail stick for coiling the centre strips (optional

Tracing, drawing & cutting


  • Using the larger circular object and a pencil trace a circle on the white piece of paper
  • using the smaller circular object and a pencil trace a circle in the centre of the larger circle


  • From the centre of the smaller circle to the circumference of the larger circle draw 8 sectors (by drawing 4 line)
  • Roughly mark the centre of each sector to be the tip of each petal but also to help in drawing the petals
  • Draw dots on the petals from halfway the petals towards the centre (optional)


  • The flower will need 6 petals but to give it a bit of dimension you will need to cut away just one petal leaving 7 of which one will be stuck behind another forming the flower.
  • Cut a small rectangular piece of the green paper (about the length from the centre of the petals to the tip). Fold about 1/2 inch (about 10cm) on one of the shorter ends as a guide to how far the strips you will cut can go. Cut 7 strips
  • cut 7 very small rectangular pieces from the orange paper. Make them wide enough to cover the tips of the strips for the centre. Fold them in half and make oval shapes.

How to assemble

Watch the video to see how you can go about assembling the lily flower.



  • Watch this video to get an idea on how you can put a stem to the flower to use in a bouquet. Otherwise they can be stuck directly to whatever medium you may wish to use for a bouquet or any to other project.
  • To make three petal layers instead of having all six petals connected divide the sectors to 5 instead of 8. Cut out one petal and stick the forth one to the third petal.


Happy Crafting!!

2 thoughts on “How to make a Lily flower

  1. Your flowers are always so stunning! It is probably a good thing that you live so far away or I’d be at your house all the time learning how to make these! Love them as always! Thanks for sharing them!

    Liked by 1 person

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