Pointed Petals Flower



4 A4 papers for the petals (i used blue 80gsm/copy paper)

1 A4 paper for the centre

A pencil for tracing

A scissors

2 1/2 inches circular object for the base and the centre circles

There is now a template available for download (but the set has 5 petals so you will have to choose three which are closer in size; the first three or the last three. If you choose the first three the base and centre will have to be slightly bigger or you may choose to stick petal to petal and then measure how wide the centre and base should be) Play around and see what works well for you.

Cutting and shaping

Cutting petals

  • Cut six A5 rectangles. A5 is half of A4 (8.3″x5.8″/21cm x 14.8cm  )
  • Cut six A6 rectangles. A6 is half of A5 (5.8″x 4.1″/14.8cm x 10.5cm)
  • Cut six A7 rectangles. A7 is half of A6  (4.1″x 2.9″/ 10.5cm x 7.4cm)

Shaping petals

  • Fold the rectangles in half length wise
  • Place the folded rectangle with the open end on the right
  • On the bottom short side make a mark in the centre
  • Make a mark on the long right side (the open end)
  • make another mark on the top left corner
  • draw a line connecting all the dots and cut along the line.
  • repeat for all

Cutting the centre and base

  • cut one 2 1/2 circle for the base in the same colour as the petals
  • cut eight 2 1/2 circle for the centre

Shaping the centre

  • fold the circle four time to form 8 sectors
  • sketch a small circle in the centre as a guide to how far you can cut
  • cut following the lines you folded to the circumference of the centre circle (you can use a button or a small coin if you want to be exact.
  • pinch the cut petals in the centre
  • stack one on top of the other alternating the petals.


Watch the video to see how you can go about assembling the flower.

Happy Crafting!!

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