How To Make A Hydrangea Bunch



  • 2 white A4 sheets of paper for the petals and the base for the bunch (I used 80gsm/copy paper
  • 1 A4 green sheet of paper for the leaves (I used 80gsm/copy paper
  • A pencil
  • Glue
  • Colouring pencils (in the colours of your choice). I used yellow,blue and a touch of purple.
  • A table knife or bone folder for curling the petals
  • 5 1/4″(about 13cm) round object for tracing the base of the bunch

Cutting, folding, colouring and curling

Cutting and folding:

  • Fold one of the white A4 sheet of paper in half along the length and cut (if you have a paper trimmer you can just go ahead and cut it in half)
  • Fold again in half as before and cut. You should have 4 long strips
  • You can now cut small squares 2 1/8″x 2 1/8″(about 5.25cm x 5.25cm) and then fold them diagonally.Or fold one corner of the strip inwards forming  a triangle and then cut (this is my shortcut)
  • I made 20
  • Fold the triangles you just made into smaller triangles
  • Pinch or score a line on the tip opposite the longest side of the triangle (about 1 cm (1/2 an inch)
  • Sketch a curved line from each end of the scored line towards the opposite longest side
  • Cut along the sketched lines (if you have a good eye you can cut without sketching the curved lines)


  • I started with the yellow for the centre, then i coloured at least until halfway the petals with blue and finished with purple at the tips.
  • I have been told that pastels can also do a great job (pan pastels in particular) but i haven’t had the chance to try them out yet.


  • Using the table knife or bone folder curl the petals outwards

Making the base for the bunch:

  • Using the 5 1/4″ circular object trace a circle on the remaining white sheet and cut it out. Sketch a small sector and cut it out and glue the opposite sides to make a cone.

The leaves:

  • Fold the A4 green paper in half both length wise and width wise and cut. You should have 4 A6 pieces of paper (1/4 of A4).
  • You will need two of the papers you have cut
  • Fold the rectangles in half length wise
  • Place the folded rectangle with the open end on the right
  • On the bottom short side make a mark in the centre
  • Make a mark on the long right side (the open end)
  • make another mark on the top left corner
  • draw a line connecting all the dots and cut along the line.
  • Do the same for the second one.
  • Using the table knife make five diagonal scored line from the centre line to the edge. make corresponding marks on the other half of the leaf.
  • crease the scored lines inwards



Glue the hydrangeas from the top going down covering the cone. Watch the video to see how you can go about making the bunch.



  • You can omit the cone and attach the flowers to floral wire and make the bunch


Happy crafting!!

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