Poinsettia version 1



  • 3 red A4 sheets of paper for the petals
  • 1 yellow A4 sheet of paper for the flower centre
  • 1 Apple green/Lime green A4 sheet of paper for the flower centre
  • 1 green sheet of paper for the leaves

Please take note that you do not have to cut the petals on an A4 sheet only, you can cut them on any paper where your templates fit.

  • Scissors
  • Paper trimmer (optional) for cutting strips for the flower centre. You can just use a ruler,pencil and scissors instead
  • Pen or pencil for tracing and marking
  • Bone folder or table knife for curling and veining the petals and the leaves
  • scoring board for veining (optional)
  • PVA glue or a glue gun
  • A toothpick for coiling the flower centre
  • 2 1/2 paper punch or object for the base
  • Download template design 5 and design 7 (to make the flower same size as in the video tutorial make sure to download the link that says video tutorial size)

The petals

  • The petals are to be made with template design 5. The set has 5 petals but we will use 3 for this project;the largest petal,the third largest and the smallest. If we name the largest petals as 1 and number 5 as the smallest then it means we will use 1,3 and 5.
  • The flower design has three layers with 6 petals on each layer
  • Fold the petals in half and curl them sideways from the middle towards the tip. (please note that you have to curl them sideways and not backwards. (watch the video to understand what i mean)
  • Cut a slit halfway the petals
  • Glue one flap on top of the other overlapping slightly
  • Repeat for all petals

The leaves

  • Use the largest of template design number 7
  • cut 3 leaves using the green paper
  • fold in half to form the middle vein of the leaf
  • using the bone folder or table knife vein the leaf
  • fold the scored lines in¬† accordion to give the leaf dimension (this is optional)

The Base

  • Use a paper punch or a 2 1/2 (about 6cm)circular object to cut a circle for the base.
  • Depending on how to hang the flower this is the best time to add whatever it is you want to use
  • This project is using templates that fit an 1/4 of A4 which means if you want to make a bigger flower then the base will have to be made bigger. if you choose the A4 then the base will have to be 4 times bigger.

The centre

  • Cut 1/2 inch x 2 inches (1 cm x 5cm) strips for the centre. Cut them in red,yellow and apple green / lime green.
  • Using the toothpick coil up the red strip first which will be the innermost colour followed by yellow and then the apple green or lime green.
  • Roll them up while gluing them together to avoid unraveling.
  • You may use a quilling tool if you like but a tooth should be fine. i rolled up mine using my fingers so as to ave a very small hole in the centre
  • Make as many as you like. (5-7 or more)


  • The flower design has 3 layers with 6 petals on each layer
    • First layer- 6 of the largest petals
    • Second layer- a mixture¬† of the two smaller sizes
    • Third layer- a mixture of the two smaller sizes
  • There are two ways to assemble the flower
    • Gluing petal to petal and then adding a base. This method will have the petals closer together
    • Gluing petals to the base. In this method the petals will be a bit further apart

Watch the video to understand all that has been explained.


Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas!!

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