About me


…..continuing from the home page story here is more about me;

Crafting is now a big part of my life and i enjoy every little bit of it. I plan to help open business opportunities for people through out the world through crafts.

I usually get asked how i draw my templates and i must say that I learnt how to draw at a very young age but studying architecture opened my eyes more and introduced me to the world of design software.

I am a Christian and that is what keeps me strong and believing that i have a purpose to fulfill on this earth.

I am a wife to a lovely scientist who has a heart for research in order to help find drugs and treatment methods for different diseases. Together we have two lovely boys and we live in Germany at the moment.

22 thoughts on “About me

  1. I just love every flower of yours.
    I love them and you teach so well.
    Thanks for sharing. I myself believe that everything we know should be shared. I love teaching everything I learn. I believe we are one.
    Thank you very, very much.
    Craftint these flowers is something that makes me happy can you imagine that? How happy I am just because I can craft?
    Yes, I bet you do.
    Thanks dear .


  2. Love your flowers and can’t wait to try making them. What papers do you use for the flowers? It doesn’t seem to be cardstock. Thanks.


      1. Is that like copy paper? I live in Texas and I see the measurements are different so I don’t know exactly what that is.


  3. Your flowers are awesome! Its very inspiring. Could you tell what paper do you use and what is the best website to purchase it. Thank you!


  4. Thanks to you i am able to make beautiful paper flowers and open up a small home based business. Your templates and tutorial helps a lot! I can’t thank you enough. God bless you!

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  5. Love your tutorials and thank you for sharing the templates!!! I enjoy decorating my classroom and these flowers will surely come in handy!

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  6. You are very thorough in your tutorials and most helpful. I am grateful to have found you on YouTube. I wish you the best in your dreams of opening a business. God bless you and your family.

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  7. Your website is awesome! I am so happy I found it. I want to create a big backdrop of flowers to decorate my church, and your tutorials have helped me create beautiful flowers. Thank you for this!

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