Where can I find petal templates?

Large flower templates

Flower centres

Leaf templates

Where can I find the tutorials?

You can find the tutorials on my YouTube channel

How many petals do I need to cut for each flower?

The number of petals to cut for each flower is indicated at the beginning of every video.

Why do the templates I print seem larger that those in the videos?

The templates were designed to fit an A4 sheet. But i print my templates on A6. A6 is a quarter of A4 (when you fold a sheet in half in length and width the 4 sections you get are A6 page sizes; 148.5mm x 1.5mm/14.8cm x 10.5cm/ 5.5″x 4.25″). I demonstrate with smaller flowers as they are easy to work with on camera and do not use so much paper.

The templates can be printed on any size of paper to achieve different flower sizes.

How can I make a larger flower?

Print the templates on a larger sheet of paper and make a bigger base.

What type of paper can I use for the petals?

It is possible to make flowers using any type of paper but the thinker the paper the sturdier the flower.

what type of papers do you use?

Most of the flowers were made using 160gsm paper from Folia which i purchased on Amazon.de


What glue can I use to assemble a flower?

you can use a hot melt glue for quick and strong bond

you can use white glue

you can also try double sided tape

What glue do you use?

I use white glue because of the ability to re-position before the glue dries.The glue dries clear and flat.


What can i use to trace and cut the templates?

Use a pencil that is light so you should not struggle with erasing should you need to. A normal simple scissors should be okay to do a

What can i use to curl the petals?

  • Use a glue stick
  • Use a bone folder
  • Use a ruler

How can I put a paper stem to a bouquet flower?

How do I attach the flowers to a drape?

To be answered soon

How do I hang the flowers on a wall?

To be answered soon

How can I attach the flowers to a board?

To be answered soon

How many flowers do I need to make a backdrop?

Measure the size of the board you want to use, measure the flower sizes you want to use and then workout a layout using the sizes of the flowers as a guide.

How can I sell my flowers?

To be answered soon