How To Make A Paper Rose Flower (Type 2)



  • An A4 sheet of paper (I used 80gsm/copy paper but you can use thicker sheets of paper)
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • Toothpicks/cocktail sticks
  • Scissors

Folding, cutting & curling

Folding and cutting.

  • Fold the A4 sheet of paper in half along the length and cut (if you have a paper trimmer you can just go ahead and cut it in half)
  • Fold again in half as before and cut. You should have 4 long strips
  • You can now cut small squares 2 1/8″x 2 1/8″(about 5.25cm x 5.25cm) and then fold them diagonally.Or fold one corner of the strip inwards formingĀ  a triangle and then cut (this is my shortcut)
  • Each flower will need 8 petals so cut 8 squares
  • Fold the triangles you just made into smaller triangles
  • Pinch or score a line on the tip opposite the longest side of the triangle (about 1 cm (1/2 an inch)
  • Sketch a curved line from each end of the scored line towards the opposite longest side
  • Cut along the sketched lines (if you have a good eye you can cut without sketching the curved lines)


  • using a pencilĀ  or pen curl the petals to give them some dimension (curl them inwards). Do this to 6 of the petals
  • For the remaining two petals use a cocktail stick/tooth pick to curl from the top edge of a petal to the opposite tip. These two remaining petals are for the centre that is why the curls have to be tighter than for the other 6 petals.


Assembling the flower is easy, just apply some glue and stuck the petals making sure to alternate the petals. Watch the video to better understand what has been explained.


Happy crafting!!







How to make a rose flower (type 1)

Yellow Rose (design type 1)


  • 2 sheets of Paper (I used yellow 80gsm paper/copy paper but you can use any thickness you like)
  • 2 1/2 inches (about 6cm) circular object for tracing circles which are the petals for the rose
  • A pencil for sketching
  • Scissors for cutting the circles
  • Glue (i used white glue but you can use whatever glue you are comfortable with)
  • Bamboo skewer for curling the petals

There is no downloadable template for this flower design. Use any type of circular object you have as all the circles will be one size at first before they are cut differently to achieve different heights and effect.

Tracing and cutting

Trace and cut 22 circles

  • 1 circle for the base
  • 5 circles for the first layer (outermost layer)
  • 4 circles for the second layer
  • 3 circles for the third layer
  • 4 circles for the centre (coiled
  • 5 circles for widening the centre


Watch the video to see how you can go about assembling the rose.

Happy Crafting!!